Couples Massages for Newbs

Hello beautifuls! 

I'm back and with an interesting topic! Yes you read the headline correct this post is about my 1st experience participating in a couples massage. 
I know what you're thinking who, what, when, where, and why?!
Well here's the reason why. I had been thinking for a while what I should get my significant other for Valentine's Day. I know I'm way off it's March! So, couples massages popped into my head. Why? My boyfriend and I carry a lot of stress due to our workload so I thought why not de-stress, but I didn't really know what to expect or how to book it. That was how my idea started off. 
Next, I did some research. I went on Groupon because I didn't even know where I would go or the pricing or deals that were out there. I found out that couples massages is really a thing. I typed it in the search engine "Couples Massages" just like that and a whole list popped up. 
I then did a narrow research on price, location, ratings. 
I chose

Outfits for Valentine's Day ft. Final Touch Apparel

Hey Loves!

I hope everyone’s ready for Valentine’s Day, which is coming up in a few days, but if you’re not I have two outfits combinations for you ft. Online boutique Final Touch Apparel. They were so nice to collaborate and send me two pieces of clothing to share with you all!

Outfit No. 1 Black Choker Top
If you’re having a casual Valentine’s night this cute choker top is a great way to style with jeans and black over the knee boots. It’s very casual, sexy and comfortable to wear.

Outfit No. 2 Pink Velvet Top
Got hot date plans? Spice it up with a pink velvet top. You can pair this with pants or a skirt. I decided to pair this with a long skirt and top it off with a moto jacket to give it that extra oooof!

So there you have it. Some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas make sure to tag me in your photos I’d love to see what styles you create. Thank you Final Touch for these two pieces. Don’t forget to check them out.


Formulate Shampoo + Conditioner Review + GIVEAWAY!!

Hello beautifuls the moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived!

My Formulate Shampoo + Conditioner Review

Formulate was so sweet to gift me a personalized shampoo and conditioner set for my hair needs.
How awesome is that?! Also, if you read this posts title YES we are doing a GIVEAWAY!
ONE lucky winner will win a personalized shampoo + conditioner set for their hair needs.


So let’s jump in!

Hair Backstory:
For those of you who know me personally know that my JaĆ­r had gone through various stages. I’m originally a black haired girl. I’ve done balayage, blonde, brunette and recently decided to go back to black. I always complain that I want to try different hair colors but my hair isn’t healthy and end up chopping my hair. So I said enough! I chopped my hair back in August before my birthday and dyed it black in the hope of re-growing out my hair. My hair has a combination of dry and oily. I suffer from dandruff and I love to try new hair products all the t…

Goals for 2019

So, this time around some goals are still the same and some were actually accomplished from last year that were set up! That makes me super happy!

No. 1 Finish my bachelors  

This year I need to complete my bachelors. It is the last pull and it will be a tough one because I did land the full time job from last year, but it will definitely be worth it. 
No. 2 Own my car 

So a lot of you may know I drive a BMW and I don't say this in any way to be a show off. It belongs to my dad, but I've struck a deal and he gave me a pretty good price "reasonable" haha and that's my main goal for 2019 to own my baby. If you really want to know my dream car is a Jeep!
This goal is transferring from 2018  because it didn't happen and that's ok. 
I actually had to pay to fix it up I had an accident in the beginning of 2018 I messed up the alignment and tires and it was $3000 to fix, which is probably the money I could've given my dad to buy it. This time around I want to pa…

Experiencing Ballast Point - Long Beach

This past weekend. Some of my college friends from CSUF, which have become some of my lifelong friends I'd hope to say. Invited my boyfriend and I for a night of fun at Ballast Point - Long Beach.

I'm not big fan of beer since I turned 21. I only drink beer with a Michelada mix and there are a couple of drinks I can bare. So I was nervous trying to think what I'd get or if I'd be the awk person saying I'm not drinking tonight and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I totally spaced and forgot my camera, but the place was super packed so I thought wow this place is popping! Haha. We walked in and they have a merchandise section followed by the bar and self serve seating. The customer service was great!

I went up to the counter and advised it was my first time there and asked for recommendations and they gave me a couple samples regarding my interests. I usually love sweet drinks so I think the person helping me did a great job.

They have food menus and t…